Home Delivery Instructions

Delivery Service

Get your clothes delivered to your door hassle-free with our secure pick-up and drop-off service. Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery without any minimum requirements, and you don't even need to be home.

On-Demand Ordering

Place an order using the app or website, selecting the most convenient day for pick-up and delivery. We have specific routes for each address with designated days. Orders placed by 8 am on pick-up day will be collected. Leave special instructions when ordering.

Selecting a Drop Spot

Your "Drop Spot" is where you leave dirty clothes and receive clean ones. Specify it during your first order or change it in your account settings. We suggest using your front door.

Pick-up and Delivery

Our drivers start pickups and deliveries at 8 am. Your clothes will be delivered to your designated Drop Spot, cleaned, pressed, and poly-wrapped if on hangers. Wash & Fold orders come back in your Tide Cleaners bag.

Order Tracking

Track your order's progress on your app's homescreen to always know where your clothes are in the cleaning process.

Billing & Coupons

Orders are charged to your card upon completion. View your charges in your order history. Add coupons to your order through the app or include printed coupons in your bag of dirty clothes before pick-up.

SMS Pick up Reminders

If you want pick up reminders, we can send you an automated message the night before the Tide Cleaners driver is scheduled in your area. We will ask if you have an order to be picked up the following day.

If you have an order, simply reply YES. If you don't have an order, you can ignore the reminder.

If you said YES, put your dirty clothes in your Tide Cleaners bag. If this is your first order, any disposable bag (ex. Grocery bag) will do.

You can turn reminders on and off in your app’s notification settings.

*The specific SMS may vary by location. Check your welcome email after sign up for instructions.