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Join our team as a Truck Drivin‘, Bag Slingin‘, High-fivin‘ Campus Attendant!

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About us

Our mission is simple:
Make Laundry Positive

Tide University Laundry, a Procter & Gamble company, provides a convenient on-campus laundry service for busy students. Laundry as a chore is a bummer. We are here to help unlock the thousands of better things we can do with our time. #lifenotlaundry

The job

Our Campus Attendants have the best job on campus and interact with students and faculty who use our service.


Explain laundry service and engage customers who drop off and pick up from the truck in a friendly way. Use an iPhone to inventory and track bags.


Drive a UPS style (but way cooler) truck and transport bags from A to B with a smile.


Be the happy friendly face of the brand while spreading joy to students and faculty on campus.


We‘re looking for happy, reliable, organized people to join the team.

Be extremely personable

The smile in someone‘s day, the skip in someone‘s step, the reason someone may start singing at the top of their lungs.

Be a problem solver

No math involved, promise. Game to take on a challenge. Problems = opportunities.

Stay organized and engaged

Could be mistaken for Mr. or Mrs. Clean, but likely with more hair. Dots the i‘s and crosses the t‘s. Fully invested in the task at hand.

Have a team-first mentality

Able to see the big picture and know how your role helps accomplish team goals.

Be reliable and flexible

Always on time and ready for adventure. Willing to roll with the punches and go the extra mile.

Have the courage to brave the elements

Ready to go whatever the forecast. Not phased by bumps in the road.

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The Perks

Not a bad gig. And we haven‘t told you about the perks yet!

Great Pay

One of the highest paying jobs on campus.

Free Laundry

Complimentary laundry service and dry cleaning, um, yes.

Big Brand Opportunities

We‘re owned by Procter & Gamble, no big deal.

Because making laundry positive takes all of us.

Looks like you made it all the way, you should probably apply.